Nicolas Lehment (NXP)


AI on the edge: interacting swiftly and surely in a dynamic world

09:45 – 10:30

As AI matures, we see applications move from the purely virtual into the real world. As intelligent devices interact with dynamic environments, they demand swift and reliable interpretation of the world around them. Actions need to be taken in a split second and effects are immediate. All this drives a demand for bringing intelligence from pristine data centers right into the center of the action. In this talk, we’re going to look into the demands this places on next-generation devices and how chip architecture is responding to it.

Nicolas Lehment is the systems architect at NXP’s Industrial Competency Center, where he advises on strategic topics such as ML/AI, connectivity and safety for industrial automation. Before joining NXP, he designed cutting-edge computer vision and robotics systems for ABB and Smartray. He’s collaborated on research papers for topics ranging from ML-driven video classification over human pose tracking to collaborative robotics. This academic work earned him a doctoral degree at the Technical University of Munich.

Nicolas Lehment